HELLO!!! Thanks for stopping by. We are a small family farm located in South Raleigh, NC. We laid roots in 2018 by setting up the first you-pick orchard in our area that will be available to the public in the near future.

See what our farm has to offer at the N.C. State Fair this year. CHECK OUT OUR PRODUCE ON DISPLAY INSIDE THE GRAHAM BUILDING. We have a market display set up that shows what our small farm currently has to offer. Support us by shopping in our store. All proceeds from our shop go directly back into the farm. We appreciate everyone’s support. We hope to bring home the big BLUE ribbon this year! 🙂 We also have our hickory nuts, eggplant and many types of peppers on display in the produce section. Tiffany will also be doing two cook-offs.

Follow us on Facebook and check out our shop. Pepper Art® & Straight Outta The Garden® are two products that are original to our farm. Tiffany owns the trademarks. Supporting the farm allows Tiffany to create more.

Take a picture of you with our produce and post it on our Facebook and we will repost.

Thanks for supporting our small family farm!